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Plumbing Sealing Tape



Plumbing Sealing Tape



1.Plumbing Sealing Tape, also known as PTFE Teflon tape, is a thin tape used for plumbing pipes and joints. It comes in white, which is used for basic sealing applications, or yellow, which is recommended if youre working with gas pipes

2.Plumbing Sealing Tape is a tape used to seal the thread on plumbing fittings. It can be used on all plumbing fittings which have a thread including compression joints although compression joints usually do not need the thread sealed as the olive should compress well enough to make a watertight joint.

3.Plumbing Sealing Tape is widely used in industrial applications, civil-construction,machinery,chemicals, and space navigation especially in drainage systems,and are characteristic thread sealing, insulation, corrosion resistance anti-aging, using in oxidizing agent for a long term.


Q:Can PTFE thread sealing tape be used in all applications?

A: "Overuse or misapplication of thread tape may be a hazard. Excess application of PTFE tape can prevent mating threads from fully engaging, reducing the shear point of the threads. Combining thread-seal tape with a pipe dope compound can also overload threads. Also, internal overhangs of loose material may constrict a joint or slough off and form a foreign body that could jam a valve seat.. Therefore, use of PTFE tape as a thread sealant is generally not considered appropriate in fluid power (hydraulic) systems.

Q:Any tips on using PTFE thread sealing tape?

A:First, with plastics try to avoid using a female threaded adapter because it is very easy to split when over tightened (with thread sealing tape it is easy to over tighten). Wrap your PTFE thread sealing tape "with" the treads - that is... pipe in left hand, PTFE thread sealing tape right, roll on clock-wise. Generally at least 3 times. Sometimes adding thin coating of a good quality thread compound on top of the PTFE thread sealing tape helps seal joints even better. Caution: Do not over apply, excessive tape may actually weaken the connection.